Setting BULK_INSERT_BUFFER_SIZE for loading data faster on MyISAM

How fast you can load data to MyISAM ? You can't answer this question with some number but are there techniques to load fast ? Absolutely ! It's always we need to consider simple things to load data faster, The following are quick wins to load data faster on MyISAM 

  • if doing bulk inset, consider disable the indexes before loading the data
                   alter table table1 disable keys;

  • The BULK_INSERT_BUFFER_SIZE variable limits the size of the cache tree in bytes per thread. If data is being added to a non-empty table, tuning the bulk_insert_buffer_size variable can make data insertion faster. Normally  it shows the improvement when the data to be inserted is more than 10k rows. But it is hard to say what is the right value, so, trail and try with incremental buffer size values.Setting it to 0 disables this optimization. The default value is 8MB. The maximum value is 4GB. The bulk_insert_buffer_size can be set both on system and session levels.
  • Consider setting optimally  MYISAM_SORT_BUFFER_SIZE and KEY_BUFFER_SIZE

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