MySQL DBA operations pitfalls

What is the cost of MySQL outage ? MySQL powers most of the web properties and MySQL infrastructure outage is directly linked to website reliability, revenue and brand value. Often when we interact with web property owners the major concern we hear from them is how to guarantee maximum availability. So the following simple and achievable steps to address MySQL site reliability engineering 

  • Optimal / custom MySQL installation and configuration 
  • MySQL performance monitoring and trending platform to guarantee maximum availability proactively 
  • Many inexperienced MySQL DBAs do not have a checklist to follow when things go wrong.
  • Lots of MySQL DBAs do not pay attention to security. It’s not in their job charter. On the other hand, databases are frequent targets of hacks, such as SQL Injection attacks. So if you don’t pay attention, who will?
  • Don't forget to test your backups 
  • Plan for regular MySQL infrastructure maintenance activities 
  • Accepting expensive SQL in production 
  • Business ignorance: DBAs sometimes don’t realize that they’re more closely aligned to the business than most every other IT staffer. Because of this, DBAs don’t realize that it’s critical that they know all about the natural cycles of their business, the nature of their data, and need for strong customer services in their profession. 
  • Generous indexing - Too much is not too good always, This is so true in the case of MySQL indexing 
  • Don't shard till you can scale vertically to the maximum extent possible 
  • Have MySQL support partner, You may the best DBA of the town working for you but MySQL support engineers can really add value in solving the most complex issue in the shortest duration and mentor your DBAs 
  • For optimal MySQL performance spend time in writing cost efficient SQL, my.cnf has limitations so don't spend too much time configuring MySQL