We are always looking for experts in MySQL performance, scalability and high availability. We are a lean family friendly company and all of us work from home, We stay connected via email, phone, Skype and IRC. We are self funded and so all of us work hard to stay relevant. We share the success and work together as one single team. To join our team contact Shiv Iyer directly on shiv(at)minervasql(dot)com

MinervaSQL benefits 

  • All day work from home, You don't have to leave your home / city for job and much better work / life balance 
  • Competitive salary, We have one salary across the board so your salary is not based on which city you live and operate from 
  • We have no hierarchy and all of us work for customer success 
  • Blog doing work hours 
  • Company sponsored user conferences 
  • Claim your equipment expenses 


Principal MySQL consultants 

  • MySQL architecture and internals 
  • InnoDB performance optimization 
  • Performance benchmarking 
  • Capacity planning and sizing 
  • Performance audit / diagnostics /forensics / health check 
  • Performance optimization 
  • MySQL sharding 
  • Scale-out and replication 
  • MySQL partitioning and archiving 
  • MySQL high availability 
  • MySQL clustering solutions
  • MySQL disaster recovery 
  • MySQL upgrades and migration