MySQL Consulting

We know how to gain maximum from your MySQL infrastructure investments, Our seasoned MySQL consultants got several years of production Database Architect, DBA and Database Engineer experience in managing high traffic complex web properties. Our globally distributed MySQL consulting team guarantees 24*7*365 coverage of your MySQL infrastructure operations. Our MySQL Monitoring systems and matrices proactively troubleshoot MySQL even before they start influencing your systems. We charge only for hours worked and no longterm contract terms, This makes us the most compelling MySQL consulting partner for your your business, You can hire us for as-low-as 40 hours.  

Why engage MinervaSQL for MySQL consulting ?

  • Experts in MySQL performance, scalability and high availability ;
  • Globally distributed MySQL consulting team available 24*7*365 ;
  • Pay-as-you-go MySQL consultancy services ;
  • On-demand MySQL consulting ;
  • Proactive and dedicated team of MySQL Database Architects, DBAs and Database Engineers ;
  • You can focus on business, We are accountable for optimal, scalable, highly available and secured MySQL infrastructure operations of your business ;  
  • Everything MySQL team - Experts in MySQL and InnoDB internals, performance benchmarking, capacity planning / sizing, performance health check / audit, performance optimization, high availability, disaster recovery and upgrades / migration ; and
  • Flexible payment options available - cheque, wire, PayPal, cash and Bitcoins .

    To engage MinervaSQL for MySQL consulting services please send email directly to MinervaSQL founder and principal Shiv Iyer, Shiv(at)MinervaSQL(dot)COM