MySQL Remote DBA Services

Hiring, managing and retaining Sr. MySQL DBA is expensive, We are an elite-class team of seasoned MySQL consultants with core expertise in performance, scalability and high availability. Our MySQL consultants operate from multiple locations worldwide and this guarantees 24*7 MySQL DBA coverage for our customers globally. Our pay-as-you-go flexible payment model makes our MySQL remote DBA services affordable equally for startups and large corporations, You can hire our DBAs for as low as 40 hours / month. Our robust MySQL monitoring platform, ticketing system and IRC enables transparent DBA service delivery ecosystem. 

Why engage MinervaSQL for MySQL remote DBA services ?  

We an full-service MySQL remote DBA services company committed to optimal, scalable, highly available and secured MySQL infrastructure operations. Our MySQL DBAs are experts in the following activities: 
  • Installations and configuration of MySQL ;
  • MySQL performance monitoring and trending (24*7) ;
  • MySQL performance benchmarking ;
  • MySQL capacity planning and sizing ;
  • MySQL performance health check, audit, diagnostics and forensics ; 
  • MySQL performance optimization ;
  • Experts in MySQL and InnoDB internals ; 
  • MySQL scale-out and replication ;
  • MySQL sharding ; 
  • MySQL high availability ; 
  • MySQL disaster recovery ; 
  • MySQL clustering solutions ; 
  • MySQL site reliability engineering ; 
  • Optimizing schema ; 
  • Index optimization ;  
  • SQL tuning ;
  • Disk I/O optimization ; 
  • MySQL security ; and 
  • MySQL upgrades and migration 
To engage us for MySQL remote DBA services please send email to our founder and principal Shiv Iyer - shiv(at)MinervaSQL(dot)COM