MySQL Consulting Services

MinervaSQL MySQL consultancy services can help you deliver better results from your MySQL investments-increasing operational efficiencies, performance, scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, site reliability engineering and DevOps. Whether you are looking for a MySQL consulting / support / remote DBA services, MinervaSQL MySQL Consulting can help.

MySQL Architecture, Engineering and Operations 

  • MySQL database architecture and internals;
  • Capacity planning and sizing;
  • Performance Optimization; 
  • Scale-out strategy; 
  • Backup, disaster recovery and site reliability engineering; and
  • Logical / physical schema, SQL and index review. 

Performance optimization 

  • Performance audit, health check and diagnostics of MySQL configuration file and provide recommendations;
  • Audit / review expensive SQL and indexes and provide recommendations; 
  • Logical / physical schema review and recommendations; 
  • Architecture / engineering review and recommendations; and 
  • Proactive performance bottleneck diagnosis and recommendations. 

Remote MySQL DBA

  • Building custom 24*7 MySQL remote DBA service operations; 
  • MySQL performance monitoring and trending services (24*7*365);
  • Custom MySQL installation and configuration; 
  • Architecting and engineering database schema, SQL and indexes; 
  • Capacity planning and sizing; 
  • Scale-out and replication; 
  • High availability; 
  • Disaster recovery; 
  • Site reliability engineering; and  
  • DevOps. 
To get started now, contact the MinervaSQL MySQL consulting, support and remote DBA services team.