We are independent boutique private-label enterprise-class MySQL consulting, support and remote DBA services company with core expertize in performance, scalability and high availability. Our MySQL consultants operate from different locations worldwide to guarantee 24*7 coverage of your MySQL infrastructure operations. Our flexible pricing model, Pay-As-You-Go billing (YOU PAY US ONLY FOR HOURS WE HAVE WORKED) made us affordable for startups and large enterprises equally, This also makes us most preferred and optimal MySQL consulting and remote DBA services partner for our customers globally. We are not just an limited service MySQL DBA outsourcing company rather an extended team of your workforce, Our business goals are 100% dependent on customer success and we totally committed to delivering optimal, scalable, highly available and secured MySQL infrastructure operations for customers globally.

Many companies actually don’t need a full-time resident MySQL DBA, Hiring and retaining senior level MySQL DBAs are most exhaustive and expensive, We have several years of expertize in hiring and retaining seasoned MySQL consultants in the team and our core team has collective experience of almost 30K hours in MySQL consulting and professional services, This guarantees high quality MySQL DBA service delivery from us. The following are most compelling reasons to hire us for MySQL consulting, support and remote DBA services

  • MySQL Emergency support available 24*7 even if you are not our customer ;
  • We have collectively 30K hours of MySQL consulting, support and remote DBA services experience ;
  • Our MySQL consultants has worked for customers across 30 countries and 5 continents ;
  • Everything MySQL team - We have expertize in MySQL internals, Architecture, performance, scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, sharding, database security and upgrades / migration ;
  • On-demand MySQL consulting - Our MySQL consultants are usually available for consulting immediately, We know the cost of data outage so contact us immediately on our Skype channel, MinervaSQL.Skype ;
  • The founder and principal Shiv Iyer is a MySQL expert, He has several years of full-time MySQL consulting experience and in the past worked for companies like MySQL AB, SUN, Oracle, AOL, eBay, PayPal, Percona etc. Shiv frequently speaks in MySQL conferences worldwide on topics MySQL performance, high availability, SRE etc. ;
  • You can hire us for as-low-as 40 hours / month ; and
  • Flexible payment options available - cheque, wire, PayPal, cash and Bitcoin .

To engage MinervaSQL for MySQL consulting, support and remote DBA services please send email to Shiv Iyer on Shiv(at)MinervaSQL(dot)COM