MySQL Support

MinervaSQL MySQL consultative support engineers proactively advise your team on how to properly install, configure and tune MySQL servers, schema, queries to maximize performance, scalability and availability. MySQL consultative support from MinervaSQL also brings down your MySQL DBA operations cost by 80%.

The following are most compelling reasons to subscribe for MinervaSQL MySQL consultative support:

  • Optimal installation and configuration of MySQL ;
  • MySQL bug fixing and patching ;
  • MySQL schema design review and recommendation ; 
  • MySQL query analysis and recommendation ; 
  • MySQL index review and recommendation ;
  • Recommendations to make MySQL and InnoDB perform optimally ; 
  • MySQL partitioning recommendation ; 
  • Platform and hardware selection recommendation for optimal, scalable and highly available MySQL infrastructure ; 
  • Server and OS configuration recommendation ;  
  • MySQL best practices and code correction ; 
  • Proactively analyze and recommend MySQL reliability concerns ; 
  • Strategic guidance to make MySQL replication optimal, scalable and reliable ; 
  • Gather system and status variables regularly to proactively recommend optimal and reliable MySQL infrastructure operations ;
  • Strategic guidance to make MySQL partitioning and data archival more efficient ; and 
  • MySQL upgrades and migration recommendation

To engage MinervaSQL for MySQL consultative support please contact our founder and principal Shiv Iyer - Shiv(at)MinervaSQL(dot)COM