Shiv Iyer

A long time MySQL Expert with core expertize in performance, scalability and high availability. Shiv currently is the founder and principal of MinervaSQL, An boutique private-label MySQL consulting, support and remote DBA services company. Shiv usually work very closely with startup founders, CEOs, CTOs , Architects and Investors helping them in building web-scale MySQL database infrastructure operations. Shiv regularly talks in MySQL conferences worldwide.


  • MySQL and InnoDB performance optimization ;
  • MySQL performance benchmarking ;
  • MySQL infrastructure capacity planning and sizing ; 
  • MySQL performance audit, health check, diagnostics and forensics ; 
  • MySQL query optimization ; 
  • MySQL schema and index optimization 
  • MySQL high availability ; 
  • MySQL disaster recovery ; 
  • MySQL clustering ; 
  • MySQL sharding ; 
  • MySQL scale-out and replication ; and 
  • MySQL upgrades and migration

Contact Shiv Iyer

Email - shiv (at) MinervaSQL (dot) com
Skype - minervasql.shiv