We are experts in delivering elite-class MySQL DBA training services both onsite and remote, Our trainers have several years of production DBA experience in MySQL infrastructure operations with core expertise performance, scalability, high availability and disaster recovery. To know more about our MySQL DBA training programs please contact our Founder and Principal Shiv Iyer on shiv(at)MinervaSQL(dot)com

MySQL DBA Training (MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 8)

  • Installation and configuration of MySQL (GA and Enterprise)
  • Monitoring and trending MySQL performance 
  • MySQL user management, security policies and password management 
  • MySQL schema operations (Tables, Indexes, Views and Constraints) 
  • MySQL system and status variables
  • MySQL and InnoDB performance optimization  
  • MySQL partitioning 
  • MySQL replication 
  • MySQL group replication 
  • MySQL sharding solutions 
  • MySQL cluster 
  • MySQL cluster CGE 
  • MySQL high availability and disaster recovery 
  • MySQL database security 
  • MySQL upgrades and migrations